The way the AdBox network works is simple - advertisers pay for every day ad that is displayed on your website.

AdBox is an exclusive advertising network. Our main difference from other networks is that You, as website owner, can determine yourself the price that will be paid for each ad. If your prices are competetive - advertisers will be happy to use your website for their online ad placement. You do not need to count, calculate or even know what eCPM, CPC, CPA and other similar terms mean. Just set the price per day and start earning money.

You can show unlimited ads at the same time on a single placement. The only restriction is your website layout limitations or layout structure (for example your placement cannot fit more than 4 ads at a time). You are setting the price for one banner, so if you have 4 advertisers - your earnings will be 4 times bigger!

Joining AdBox network will take less than 2 minutes. After signing up you will need to place our network ad display code to your website where you want to sell ads. While there are no advertisers you will be able to set an unlimited amount of self promotional banners. This way your ad space will never be empty and be used efficiently.

There are no limitations for publishers who want to work with us and use our technology. We accept any content, size and audience websites. The advertiser is the one to decide where to buy ad spaces.

Of course, your website content has to be legal and respect the laws of Republic of Lithuania.

The Website owner will be paid no less than 70% of every order, the rest is used to cover system administration, support and money transfers from payment processors.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Adbox network now! buy ads