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How to register on the AdBox advertising network?
Click on Create adbox account button, fill in signup form.
By your email you will get account activation URL. Immediately after your aprooval you will have advertiser and publisher accounts created in Adbox system.

For Advertisers

How much AdBox advertising costs?
In AdBox network advertising price depends on website owner settings. Every website owner sets one day ad display price on his website.
Minimal or maximal order or ad price amounts do not exist.

What is minimal order amount?
There is no minimal order amount in the network. You can order ad space in any Marketplace website for the period of not smaller than one day.

How to start new campaign?
You can buy ad spaces in the Marketplace or directly from websites, where you notice AdBox ad block.
To start campaign, first of all you have perform there steps:
●    Register in the AdBox network;
●    Go to Marketplace and add prefered websites to your Shopping cart;
●    Login to the system;
●    Enter your campaign information (name, target URL, select banner);
●    Select the duration of the campaign and the launch date;
●    See how your banners look and test banners by clicking on them;
●    Make payment for your order and confirm reservation of ad space.
After making payment you reservation request is send to website owners where your ads should be displayed. After website owner aprooves your campaign it will be displayed using you campaign settings.
If website owner will declines your reservation - we will refund your money in 2 working days.

What is Marketplace and how it works?
AdBox marketplace is a place where you can choose websites for your ads to appear.

In Marketplace you will see:
●    Website thumbnail;
●    Website name and URL;
●    Daily price for ad placeement on website;
●    Short website description;
●    Average ad display statistics.
To buy ad placements click on every Add to cart button near preferred website. Your Shopping cart content is displayed in the top-right corner of the Marketplace.

AdBox Shopping cart with items looks like this:

Adbox shopping cart

Once you have selected desired websites click on “Place my order” button on the bottom of Shopping cart. After you will have to add campaign settings and make a payment.

What banner sizes and formats are supported?
We support jpg, png, gif image formats. Gif images can be static or animated. Supported size is 125x125 px (system resizes and crops images automatically). Max banner weight - 45 KB.

What is forbidden in banners?
You can modify banners until you made payment and reservation in the Marketplace. Advertiser is responsible for content of his banners. You have to bond to common standarts. It is forbidden to:
●    Publish sexually explicit content,
●    Publish obscene or offensive slogans and texts;
●    Use brand names of your competitors.

What ad display statistics is shown in the system?
You will see statistics for every campaign:
●    Campaign start and end time;
●    Campaign duration;
●    Ad impressions;
●    Clicks;
●    Campaign status (Active, Aproved, Unapproved, Rejected).

What do those campaign statuses mean?
●    Unapproved - website owner did not checked ads;
●    Approved - website owner approved and checked your ads;
●    Active - website owner approved your campaign and it is already displayed live on website;
●    Rejected - system administrator or website owner rejected your ads as inappropriate or broken.

From what depends my ad position on website?
Website owner selecs ad widged placement by himself. Always check where particular ads are displayed on website.
Ad placement inside widget depends on the time of purchase - first advertiser gets top left placement in the ad blcik. Second advertiser gets placement to the right or in the bottom of the first ad.

Where can i get invoices for AdBox ads?
If you need invoices for you AdBox ad buying activities please mark field “Invoices needed” while registering to the system or in your account settings.
If you did not marked checkbox and you anyway need invoices - please contact us by email

Why ads can be not displayed?
There can be several reasons:
●    You ad was not aprooved;
●    Your ad is not running due to campaign time settings;
●    Your ad was declined by administrator;
●    Youe ad was declined by website owner.
If you have any questions - do not hesitate to contact us by email

For Publishers

How to create ad placements and get ad display codes?
Login to the system and click on the button New website. After input your website information to the form.
●    Insert website or website category URL, where advertisers will see their ad;
●    Copy ad display code, that where generated for you by AdBox system;
●    Install the code to your website;
●    Please make as much detailed explanation as possible for your website and set your prices for a week ad display on your website.
Thats it. Your ad space will work after it is approoved by administrator.

Is it possible to change the look of ad block?
Surely! You can modify your website’s ad block look so it fits to your website design, or completely opposite - so it catches visitors view.
Just open your website list, open prefered website and click on the button Edit widget. You can edit your widget look as you want.

Is it possible to block ads?
You cannot block ads, but you can approve them. If near your website settings you will select box “Campaigns are approoved by owner” you will get email notification every time someone is interested in ordering your ad space.
Within 72 hours you have to to aproove or decline customer purchase request. If you will take no action - request will be automatically declined and money will be returned back to customer account.
Approoved ads and orders cannot be blocked or rejected.
Is it possible to create self-promotional ads when no commercial ads are running?
Yes, you can insert self-promotional ads for every website/placement. Those self promotional ads will be displayed until first ad purchase. Self-promotional ads are not displayed for the time or commercial order.
Hot to insert self-promotional ad:
●    Go to your website settings;
●    Click button 
●    Please check are you selected your prefered website and insert campaign information.
●    If you want, You can insert more than one self-promotional ad.
Self promotional ads will be displayed while there are no commercial ads and customes on placement. Self-promotional ads are enabled only after commercial ads are finished and ad space is empty.

What is minimum payout amount?
Minimum payout amount is 50 Lt.

What should i know about payouts?
We make payouts to:
●    Legal entities (JSC, UAB, VŠį etc. - You write us invoice and we make payment);
●    Individuals (from 18 y.o., we need to sign paper and later we need to sign every payout settlement);
●    Individuals, that have Individual Activity Certificate (on first payour we need copy of your IAC and invoice with signature. You write us invoice and we mae payment).
If you have any questions regarding payouts - just write us email to and we will help as we can.

Where can i see campaigns, that are running on my placements?
You are able to see all campaigns that are finished or currently running in your account “Campaigns” tab. Click on this tab and on the right you will see filters for campaigns.

What is forbidden in AdBox network?
Same things, that are forbiden in other networks:
●    generation of non natural ad impressions,
●    repeatedly clicks on ads,
●    putting placements in ad rotation with other ads. Placements should be static and should not rotate with any ads,
●    Cheating and other fraudulent actions.

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